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Explore Art is a collection of digital magazines (Explore Art Magazine and Exploring Culture Magazine) and curated immersive solo/group exhibitions.  Explore Art is committed to offering immersive art and cultural experiences that serve and enrich the public. Our digital magazine collection will feature visual artists, art exhibitions, international, curators, art centers, musicians, dancers, poets, spoken word performers, theatrical directors, filmmakers, and every genre that represents creative expression. We want to increase visibility for a variety of art forms by amplifying international exchanges of culture through a universal platform. As well as giving our audience an up-close view of global culture with its many players and expressions - all made possible with creative minds.

​Explore Art provides the general public with an opportunity to engage in artistic and cultural experiences in a meaningful way. With each issue of the magazine, we aim to create international cultural exchange opportunities, amplify visibility for creative minds worldwide, and build strong artist communities all over the globe – all while providing our audience with an unparalleled front-row seat to art and culture.

Explore Art was conceived under the legacy magazine in September 2015 and paused production during the COVID pandemic.  In 2023 relaunched the digital interactive platform capitalizing on our production legacy history and expanding our vision with our new company name -  Explore Art.  


"Culture is a flower that blossoms from the soil of our humanity. Creating a new culture, constructing the future, transforming people’s destinies—all begin with the inner transformation of the individual."

~ Daisaku Ikeda

Exploring Culture is an exciting approach to reaching a deeper understanding of our world. The digital content provides challenging and engaging experiences designed to foster cultural competency, build adaptability skills, and celebrate diversity. With Exploring Culture as your guide, gain insight into how different people and places can be simultaneously distinct yet connected. Enjoy expanding your knowledge through a range of activities that allow you to consider the various components that make up this planet we call home. Whether you are seeking to grow professionally or learn more about others around you, Exploring Culture can help open your eyes to the wonders of the world we live in.

Our Culture

With its captivating visuals and immersive stories, Explore Art offers an extraordinary way to explore the world's great art and culture as well as expand empathy for each other.  The digital platform is presenting the opportunity for people to discover and understand diverse cultures in communities globally. Through our rich digital platform, Explore Art offers valuable education about different cultures, attitudes, and environments that promote discourse and encourages tolerance. The arts and cultural experiences have a universal language that can transcend historic conflicts, start the healing process, and bring in an age of hope, and rejuvenation. We seek to build bridges across the divides in our nation and globally that too often isolate people and lessen their humanity, productivity, and well-being.

Our Vision

In perfect harmony between simplicity and complexity, Explore Art offers an entertaining way to learn more about our global interconnectedness. This powerful learning tool provides learners with an in-depth viewing experience that helps build understanding among people with diverse backgrounds and develop cross-cultural awareness.


Our Mission

We are in the business of digitally connecting people, and communities globally no matter where they reside. This connectedness is reflected in the numerous artists from various genres and creative communities we collaborate with to present our audience with rich, rewarding digital content.  

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