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Dear Sponsor:


Due to the acceleration of the decline in local news within the United States persists, despite considerable attention given to the issue. This decline has led to a significant reduction in the coverage of arts/cultural news. The year 2023 marked a record number of closures and layoffs in the realm of local news, highlighting a worsening situation for arts/culture news coverage. The number of journalists specifically assigned to cover arts/cultural news has dwindled, with only a select few news outlets dedicating part-time resources to this area, and even fewer doing so at the local level.


The Explore Art digital magazine was launched and fills the media coverage void by providing global arts/cultural content. Explore Art is a burgeoning digital platform that addresses the gap in coverage by delivering comprehensive, full-time reporting on arts and cultural news through its social media and website platforms. Explore Art is an ambitious and enlightening digital collection of magazines that strives to document and celebrate the diverse tapestry of arts and culture worldwide.  


Explore Art has reached a global audience viewing our digital magazine recently with the top five countries being United States, India, United Kingdom, Bangladesh, and South Africa. This all-encompassing Explore Art project initiative aims to build a virtual compendium, capturing the varied and vibrant expressions of human creativity that define our global landscape. Please indulge your senses at your leisure by viewing the Explore Art magazine collection


Your sponsorship would play a crucial role in aiding the production of this project and ensuring its continued success. By supporting our digital magazine collections, you will be aligning your brand with a venture that values creativity, diversity, and community engagement. This initiative will not only enhance the visibility of arts and cultural contributors but also foster a sense of pride and connection within every community around the globe.


Sponsorship Packages:

Your company’s endorsement with generous financial sponsorship will support the upcoming issues of Explore Art interactive digital magazine collections, artists’ competition, journalism internship program, and marketing campaigns. Heere are a range of sponsorship packages to accommodate various budgets and levels of involvement that include opportunities such as:


Bronze Sponsor: $250

Your business will be featured on the website Sponsorship List as bronze sponsor and placement in three upcoming 2024 Explore Art magazine collection.


Silver Sponsor: $500

Your business will be featured on the website Sponsorship List as silver sponsor, placement in six upcoming 2024 Explore Art magazine collection, listed as a sponsor on two artists’ competitions.

Gold Sponsor: $1000

For one year, your company logo and company name displayed on the website Sponsorship List a gold sponsor, placement on other key pages on the website, placement in all 2024 upcoming Explore Art magazine collection, listed as a sponsor for artists’ competitions, and featured in designated digital marketing campaigns.


We are hopeful you will consider the Explore Art project for sponsorship. We look forward to the possibility of a partnership that not only benefits us but enhances your brand's presence in the global arts/cultural community.


Please feel free to contact me directly at 312-613-5398 or to schedule a meeting at your earliest convenience.


Let's unleash your generosity today!

Renée L. Rose


Explore Art


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Renee L Rose

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