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Renée L. Rose

Founder & Publisher 

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Our Founder

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I've always been passionate about getting involved with projects committed to serving others and enriching people's quality of life. So throughout her life, I've strived to be committed to public service. My family instilled in me what a privilege and honor it is to devote one's life to making a difference in the world to make it a better place.  I've cultivated a well-rounded, diverse background and a wealth of experience serving in progressively responsible leadership roles. I'm dedicated to meeting the needs of others while also maintaining the highest standards for excellence and innovation in all that I do.​

I'm a visual artist who paints from her heart. I've drawn on my life experience and inner strength to create my works of art. For me, success means traveling my life's journey with integrity, trust, and love. By being open to the endless possibilities that life offers and staying fully engaged in the process, I allow myself to be free to paint on my canvas of life. My creativity reflects this journey and the inner strength that allows me to face whatever comes my way.


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