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  1. Apply for the Videography/Photography Internship (volunteer) by submitting the required documents: a cover letter, resume, and an article or creative writing sample.
  2. Email the required documents to:

    Human Resources Department 


Videography/Photography Internship (volunteer) Remote


Remote monitoring through Zoom conferencing, telephone, and text messaging. 



Explore Art is looking for qualified interns to join our team. 


Export Art team expertise includes brand identity (concept and branding), graphic design, marketing, & multimedia. The internship would involve videotaping for social media content, filming for magazine projects, and videotaping interviews for the magazine. etc.


We are seeking ambitious individuals with great creativity and aesthetic eye to join our team of creatives. You will be assisting with the full life cycle of videos from creation to final production. You will work on organizational projects including interviews, reels, and social media content while working closely with our team. We offer a flexible schedule.



  • Assist in the production and delivery of online magazines.

  • Create, edit, and deploy video content for online magazines, social media, and the web.

  • Provide creative ideas for content creation.

  • The videography/photography intern assignment will be capturing local youth’s (age 18-25) latest trends such as fashion, music, parties, dance, art, etc.  


Intern Qualifications: We’re looking for an intern with a combination several skills.

  • A creative mind: natural artistic skills to develop your own style for capturing local youth’s latest trends

  • Knowledge of videography/photography techniques from a smart phone or camera 

  • An eye for detail, shape, color and form

  • Multimedia skills to enhance your final product.

  • Knowledge of Adobe suites or other computer multimedia design software

  • Ability to juggle multiple tasks.

  • Good communication: the ability to establish rapports with subjects your capturing

  • Good organizational skills

  • Reliable; the ability to work within deadlines

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