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Explore Art Magazine Alan Singer March 2024 Issue


Message from Our Founder

Renée L. Rose


Explore Art

One common thread among them is the courage to embrace their distinctive creativity and fearlessly share their talents with the world. The act of taking something so personal and confidential and openly sharing it is, undoubtedly, a brave undertaking. Many may not fully grasp the courage required for such vulnerability. Nevertheless, on a daily basis, numerous artists passionately share their creativity with the world.

Connecting with these gifted individuals allows me to explore their artistic journeys. I thoroughly enjoy engaging with those who share a similar passion for art and culture. In my eyes, these artists are akin to explorers, adventurers, and scientists. They venture beyond conventional boundaries, think outside the box, create the uncreated, and redefine limits, leaving a map for others to follow.

Throughout my life, I've been an explorer, finding joy in various fields such as art, culture, science, anthropology, history, philosophy, and much more. I resist societal pressures to confine myself to one or two disciplines. Embracing a multidisciplinary approach, I march to my own beat, breaking away from the constraints imposed by conventional thinking.

As an explorer and adventurer, I relish discovering and learning from the vast offerings of the world. The restlessness within me prevents stagnation; I constantly seek to explore and discover. This inclination leads me to individuals with stimulating artistic creativity and remarkable intellectual capacity, and the internet has been a valuable tool for connecting with extraordinary people.

The ability of human beings to create the extraordinary from their innermost thoughts is truly magnificent. Therefore, why not explore and discover the spectacular art and culture that mankind has to offer? Engaging with art and culture offers a contrasting reflection of who I am and challenges my belief system, expanding my understanding of the world. Moreover, it fosters connections with beautiful, peaceful nature and loving people.

In the precious moments of my life, I choose not to focus on chaotic and toxic stimulus. Instead, I dedicate every moment to exploring, discovering, and connecting with the phenomenal wonders of humankind.



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Renee L Rose
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