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2024 Watch List

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Robin Malpass

Robin Malpass shares “Through my artistic practice, I dispel the myth that imperfections diminish beauty and I strive to demonstrate how flaws and defects provide cracks through which originality seeps. My painting technique and subject matter have been greatly influenced by Vincent Van Gogh, also self-taught, who was shunned during his abbreviated painting career for his many cracks and flaws.”

Learn more about Robin's practice in the
Explore Art Magazine Robin Malpass February 2024 issue.

​Learn more about Robin’s outstanding career and achievements by visiting his website at
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Serena Kovalosky

Serena Kovalosky

Serena Kovalosky is also a writer, curator, cultural project developer, and filmmaker. 

After Serena completed her successful The White Mulberry Project: A Silk Road Runs Through It Artwork Installation (September 15, 2023 to November 1, 2023), she subsequently landed a sweet 2024 artist-in-residence with the Slate Valley Museum Granville, NY. 


The 2024 artist-in-residence  projects is Moving Mountains: The Mustard Seed Project (2024). A dried mustard “tree” harvested from Serena Kovalosky’s Eco-Garden will be the foundation for “Moving Mountains: The Mustard Seed Project” which will explore the symbolism of the mustard seed for restoring faith in our ability as individuals and communities to achieve the impossible dream of peaceful coexistence, with nature and each other.

Learn more about Serena's outstanding career and achievements by visiting her website at

Colin  Sherrell

Colin Sherrell


It was truly refreshing connecting with a kindred spirit who is into exploring this journey we call life and discovers life with a fearless abandonment to take a peek at the endless possibilities life presents to him. Colin Sherrell will not be defined by boundaries, he’s adventurous about exploring out of his comfort zone and challenges himself as a visual artist.

Colin is blessed with being the son of an artist father and quilter mother, an interior designer as a sister, and both grandfathers were artists. Colin’s entire life has been saturated with creativity and a drive for individual expression.

Discover this fascinating visual artist in the 1st new release of 2024!

Explore Art Magazine Colin Sherrell January Issue

Learn more about Colin's outstanding career and achievements by visiting his website at

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Christopher Schuyler Branch

Explore Art Magazine The House of Schuyler September 2023 issue:

featuring fine artist Christopher Schuyler Branch and exploring his AI artwork


Hailing from the dynamic backdrop of Washington, DC, Chris embarked on an artistic odyssey that began with a spark and evolved into a blazing passion. Chris ventured into the hallowed halls of Pratt Institute, emerging in 2002 with a BFA in art direction – a degree that would prove to be the compass guiding my creative voyage.


Also indulge in The House of Schuyler Online Solo Exhibition

AI works by Christopher Schuyler Branch

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