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The House of Schuyler Solo Exhibition
AI artwork by Christopher Schuyler Branch


Christopher Schuyler Branch Biography


Hailing from the dynamic backdrop of Washington, DC, I embarked on an artistic odyssey that began with a spark and evolved into a blazing passion. It was during the final crescendo of my time at Archbishop Carroll High School that art’s siren call grew irresistible. As the clock struck ’98, I ventured into the hallowed halls of Pratt Institute, emerging in 2002 with a BFA in art direction – a degree that would prove to be the compass guiding my creative voyage.


Yet, destiny’s script took an unexpected turn, unveiling the mesmerizing world of music. Ensnared by the harmonious bug, I became a driving force behind the Oktave Nerv production ensemble, orchestrating symphonies of beats that resonated with echoes of emotions. Alongside, I painted a visual narrative through album covers and freelance projects, each stroke a testament to the untamed potential of the uncharted.


Life’s tapestry unfurled with kaleidoscopic hues, from crafting immersive window displays and DVDs’ visual epilogues at the iconic Virgin Megastore in Times Square, to a decade-long chapter at Starbucks, where I ascended the ranks to the role of Store Manager. Amidst the hustle, art sometimes found itself in the wings, patiently awaiting its encore.


But as the world underwent a collective metamorphosis during the pandemic, so did I. A poignant juncture led me back to DC, where the rhythm of my mother’s health intertwined with my soul’s yearning for renewal. Amidst the labyrinth of change, I rekindled connections with kindred spirits, and through their guidance and the therapeutic embrace of self-discovery, I embarked on a personal Renaissance.


In this tale of rediscovery, a technicolor spectrum emerged with the introduction of AI-infused artistry, an enchanting gift from a cherished friend. Entranced by the infinite possibilities, I surrendered my canvas to the embrace of digital genius, crafting vivid tapestries rooted in African American Sci-Fi, a genre now affectionately known as afrofuturism.

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AI Art

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