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Steve Sherrell


Steve Sherrell is a career painter from the Chicago school of art. He was raised in Indiana but moved to the Chicago area to finish his education at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a BFA and MFA in Painting and Drawing. His early influence was his father who was a painter and window dresser for a large department store. As a boy he was exposed to Abstract Expressionism, Cubism, Pop Art and American Realism. His training at the School of the Art Institute was with Ray Yoshida and Whitney Halstead, who introduced him to studio practices that he has utilized since he graduated. He is Professor Emeritus of Art at Joliet Junior College. He is currently the Director of Exhibitions and Curator at Water Street Studios in Batavia, Illinois and founder of the Water Street Studios Artist’s Collective.

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Roberto Alborghetti b.jpeg

Roberto Alborghetti


Located in Italy, Alborghetti has a wealth of expertise as a professional reporter, author and visual artist, Roberto Alborghetti has written about sixty books (biographies, interviews, stories). He worked in magazines and newspapers and produced Tv documentaries. His most recent best-selling books are “Francesco”, the first illustrated historical biography about Pope Francis (published by Velar-Elledici, November 2013, Large format, Two special versions), “Quando il giorno era una freccia” (When the day was an arrow) which investigates the school years and the cultural background of Pope Francis and “Nessuno resti indietro” (2016). He is the author of the best sellers “Pronto? Sono il librofonino” and “Oggi mi faccio un goal” (children’s books published by I Quindici, 2017).

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Bob Chaundy

Located in the United Kingdom, Bob Chaundy began his career in broadcast journalism in 1980 after visiting Ghana, where he gained experience using a portable tape recorder and conducting interviews. Bob initially worked with the Dutch World Service in the Netherlands before freelancing in radio, specializing in short features for NPR. Subsequently, Bob worked as the Editor of Obituaries at BBC News, producing TV obituaries in advance and covering numerous notable figures' deaths. After leaving the BBC, Bob wrote obituaries for UK national newspapers. Additionally, Bob pursued their interest in art by blogging for HuffPost and eventually creating their own website, Considering Art, where he now host podcasts interviewing artists and exploring the stories behind their work.


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