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Serena Kovalosky

The Explore Art Project is an impressive project that is giving the next generation of art and cultural journalists experience to launch their careers and offers feature articles written on-site from around the world. Renee L. Rose is the publisher and visionary behind the project who also interviews artists in a podcast-style conversation. Her enthusiasm and passion are contagious as she delves into the lives and creative inspiration behind some of the best art in the world from award-winning professionals as well as emerging artists. A fascinating trip in every issue without ever leaving home.


Alan Singer

Creative artists at home in their studios often lack the agency to get their art seen by a larger audience.  The founder of The Explore Art Project, Renee Rose has a profound understanding of this situation and she has the drive and the platform to effect a change in this area.  Ms. Rose is an artist herself and feels a real kinship with those creatives she features in her online magazine.  She  builds her subscriber base and asks little in return, just enjoy what you see there and listen to her spirited interviews.  This is really mind expanding, and a  fine contribution to our culture!


Fiona Campbell

"We were absolutely thrilled with the offer from Explore Art Magazine to produce an online publication about our Wander_Land exhibition and events, sited at Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens and Gallery, Cornwall, UK, hosted by owner Neil Armstrong.  This extensive edition, published in July 2023, was incredibly comprehensive.  It dedicated 141 pages to our show, featuring an introduction, integrated links to important exhibition text, photos, film, our artist podcasts, and information/images about each artist (28 artists, members of the Royal Society of Sculptors).

Renee Rose (Founder/Publisher, Explore Art) worked tirelessly supporting, gathering information from us, and compiling. She was very efficient in her management and production of so many elements. I was very impressed with the superb quality of the final publication, and as a group we are hugely grateful.  The publication is a wonderful legacy of our collaborative project.  We also owe thanks to John Aitkin for recommending us to Explore Art!"

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John Atkin

Renee is the owner of Explore Art journal, and she is a force of nature. Her magazine covers a range of creative arts topics, and she excels at connecting with artists bringing their lives to life within the pages of her publication. 

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Pía Cruzalegui

Not only has Explore Art Legacy (ACS Magazine) benefited me in a fun and informative way but it serves as a link to learn about other artists, their art practice and endeavors. ACS bridges a much-needed gap in an ever growing global community of artists. I can’t speak highly enough of Renee’s cultural contribution as art administrator and publisher. Thank you Renee!


~ Pía Cruzalegui, MFA Visual Communications | Cultural Management | Visual Artist, Chicago, Illinois

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Helen Ruiz

"I applied for a call for artists for inclusion in Explore Art Magazine. The process of applying was very smooth and easy. I am not a very computer-savvy person, but this was truly easy. Then I was so happy I had been selected. The interview with Renee Rose was so comfortable and relaxed it felt like I was hanging out with an old friend in my living room. I forgot about being recorded, and we talked very naturally. She was so prompt and helpful throughout the entire process; helpful and always immediately responsive to answer any questions and help me through the process.

The next day she sent me a link to see the spread on me! I was shocked she worked so hard and was so precise in making sure it was well done! What a wonderful magazine, what a wonderful thing Ms. Rose is doing by exposing artists and giving them the opportunity to be recognized. This is an amazing magazine, Ms. Rose is an amazing person and I hope more are lucky enough to learn about this project and have the pleasure of "exploring" her features on artists! I am a forever fan!  This is such an important and valuable asset to artists out here because we struggle to use our voices and share our craft. I learned of many wonderful artists through going through this magazine, otherwise, I never would have heard of! Wonderful is an understatement! I wish Renee and her project with Explore Art Magazine much success and am thrilled to have learned about it!"

Tycho Headshot 1.jpeg

David Tycho

Photo of me.jpg

Jahnae Wyatt

I felt very honored to be showcased by Explore Art Magazine. It gave me the confidence to showcase my work after graduating from art school. I received my Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts and I felt uncertain about my credibility as an artist. This exposure helped reinforce my purpose in my life. It also helped push me towards succeeding in other goals related to marketing myself.


Christopher Schuyler Branch

JANE FOX. Photo Russell Sach.jpg

Jane Fox

"Renee L Rose publisher of Explore Art Magazine generously devoted the entire July 2023 issue to our recent sculpture show entitled Wander_Land. 


The beautiful and comprehensive publication of Explore Art celebrates the sculpture of the Wander_Land exhibition publishing several images of the work by each member of the show. This is no small undertaking. A truly memorable publication with so much included in one magazine.

I am thrilled with the publication and it is a pleasure to be able to publish the Explore Art link on my website in support of the Wander_Land Exhibition with my esteemed colleagues."

Roberto Alborghetti b.jpeg

Roberto Alborghetti

Persistence and Faith. These are the words that instinctively come to mind when talking about the beautiful experience of the nine years of Explore Art. The story of a magazine, or a book, is always the story of a person. Needless to hide it. So Explore Art is Renèe and her immense desire to open a window on the World, on the Life, on the Beauty around us. Month after month, Explore Art grew up and I am delighted to have participated, - though at a distance and in a very marginal way - in this extraordinary professional, artistic and human adventure. I remember what Renèe said me in an interview published on Explore Art Legacy (ACS Magazine): “The artistic process is extremely beneficial to improving the quality of life for others. There are so many creative minds with fascinating stories to share. I am honored when artists give me the opportunity to be the vehicle to present their story to the world”. So, thank you Renèe and thank Explore Art for being here and doing a precious mission in favor of world art. And many thanks to be always in the forefront of living and promoting great visions and perspectives on the things of our Earth. I think art cannot revolutionize the world. But it can revolutionize people. And people can really change and make this world better!

~ Roberto Alborghetti, journalist, author & fine art photographer, Milan, Italy


Mike White

"I can't say enough about Explore Art Legacy (ACS Magazine). Thanks to Renee's dedication to curating the magazine and the gallery space, a vast array of outstanding artists have continued to be highlighted in the spotlight they deserve. It has been a pleasure and an honor being included in ACS Magazine. Keep up the excellent work, and congratulations on your second anniversary!

~ Mike White, commercial & fine arts photographer, Chicago, Illinois


Margaret Failoni

Congratulations to the ever more brilliant Renée Laverné Rose, founder of Explore Art Legacy (ACS Magazine). Is it only two years? Given the impact it has with the rising stars of the art world especially around Chicago, it would seem it’s been around much longer. What an amazing eye you have Renée to seek out such a diverse selection of rising young stars. It's been a pleasure to know you and to be able to follow your rich and in formative career in the publication of a much needed and followed art magazine. Look forward to many more issues.

~ Margaret Failoni, Independent Curator, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico


Jordan Scott

I have always looked forward to new installments of Explore Art Legacy (ACS Magazine) since its first impressive issue in 2015. From great design and beautiful imagery to interesting articles and interviews, Publisher and Editor-in-chief, Renée LaVerné Rose, provides one of the most impressive and compelling looks at both the local and global art scenes. Each extraordinary issue covers a diverse range of topics and events across a broad spectrum of artistic fields and endeavors.  As a working artist and educator, I am constantly recommending ACS Magazine and always put it at the top of my personal reading list.

 ~ Jordan Scott, visual artist, Evanston, Illinois

Injung #7.jpg

Injung Oh

Congratulations for Explore Art Legacy (ACS Magazine) 2nd year anniversary. You are devoted and successfully offer a platform which exposes professional to emerging artists while engaging art lovers. ACS Magazine educates everyone with exciting news! I have had the honor to be the featured artist and grace the cover of one of the ACS Magazine issues. Thank you and wishing ACS Magazine continues to flourish! Thanks again for being a determine woman with a strong mind! Keep up with what you've been doing! 

~  Injung Oh, visual artist, Chicago, Illinois


Michel Lienard

A very big thank you to Ms. Renee LaVerne Rose for interviewing me in the Explore Art Legacy (ACS magazine). Besides being featured in a professional environment, I met several wonderful and talented artists and keep in touch with many of them today. I am a huge admirer or Ms Rose's work.

~ Michel Lienard, visual artist, Mons, Belgium


Ashok Kumar

It was more than a year back when I have came in contact with Renee LaVerne Rose regarding my interview in her one of the prestigious Explore Art. It was my privilege and honor to appear in the Magazine. I got wonderful recognition worldwide and people were curious to know about the Explore Art Legacy (ACS Magazine). Since I know and feel, Renee is so friendly, convincing and easy communicative but at the same time she is big responsible, very sincere and wonderful person. She has the great vision so the reflecting from her Magazine. ACS Magazine is the precise product of great and wonderful vision in the field of art and culture. It is an amazing creation of Renee for the creative people. Recognizing the artists globally through the magazine is one of the remarkable attempts to enrich the art and culture even establishing wonderful relationship between the artists and general people. ACS Magazine doing with perfection to bring the international artists together at one place and creating the firm bridge globally between diversity of culture. Congratulations ACS Magazine for valuable and wonderful contribution to the world of art and culture and best wishes for valuable future endeavor. 


~Ashok Kumar, visual artist, New Delhi, India


Joyce P Lopez

Explore Art Legacy 9ACS Magazine), published by Renee LaVerne Rose, is exciting from the moment you see the cover. She introduces her readers to a variety of artists from dancers, painters, sculptors to photographers and broadens our life because of it. In Sept, ACS will celebrate its second anniversary and big kudos to Renee.  I was very honored to be featured in the May/June 2017 issue of ACS Magazine along with a strong roster of other artists.  Keep up the good work, Renee LaVerne Rose for another strong year as we await the coming issues!

~ Joyce P Lopez, fine art photographer, Venice Florida

Kay V1.jpg

Kay McCrimon

As an art historian and curator who was lucky enough to have been featured in the first issue of Explore Art Legacy (ACS Magazine) in the fall of 2015, I’d like to say “Congratulations and Happy 2nd Anniversary” to publisher and editor-in-chief, Renee LaVerne Rose, who has expanded the culture of the world art across the globe.  I have been an avid follower of ACS Magazine since its inception and would just like to express how refreshing and informative each issue has been for me.  Thank you Renee, for the global exposure of visual artists, photographers, educators, mentors, dancers, musicians, curators, and art lovers, all of whom, because of your vision, have been exposed to a world far greater than we would have ever imagined!

~ Kay McCrimon, art historian and curator, Chicago, Illinois


Sky Carter

"Renee has created a wonderful digital (as well as gallery space) for artists and art appreciators to land and explore. She has curated a collection of fantastic and refreshingly inventive artists who she highlights perfectly in this great publication. I love Renee's passion and dedication to the ongoing promotion of local and international artists and was honored to be made part of Explore Art Legacy ASC Magazine world. A wonderful person and a wonderful achievement."

~  Sky Carter, fiber artist, Sydney, Australia

Hari Lualhati 2015 copy.jpg

Hari Lualhati

It's a great honor to be featured in ACS Magazine.  The magazine showcases a variety of art styles that are very inspiring. It's also a blessing to meet Renee LaVerne Rose, the woman behind Explore Art Legacy (ACS Magazine). Her talent and dedication to her work is very admirable. Thank you so much, Renee and congratulations on the Second Anniversary of ACS Magazine!


~ Hari Lualhati, visual artist, Durbin, South Africa


Lisa Goesling

Explore Art Legacy (ACS Magazine) and by extension, Renee LaVerne Rose, quickly established itself as the premier magazine to learn about exceptional talent. Featuring a variety of styles by local and international artists, Renee exposes creatives and collectors alike to a level of art that rivals established fine art publications. Every artist I know aspires to be featured in ACS Magazine.

~ Lisa Goesling, Visual Artist, Palatine, IL

~ Mandy Cano Villalobos

Mandy Cano Villalobos

"Explore Art Legacy ACS Magazine provides artists with a platform to share their work and learn about their contemporaries. The crisp images and detailed interviews present an in-depth look into the studio practices of cultural producers. I was honored to share my own work through ACS Magazine, and love reading about the pursuits of my fellow artists. Renee really understands that the quality of cultural dialog is contingent upon the sense of community shared by its contributors. ACS Magazine does a wonderful job fostering that sense of community. As artists, we feel heard.”

 ~ Mandy Cano Villalobos, visual artist, Grand Rapids, Michigan


Petronilla Hohenwarter

I congratulate Renee La Verne Rose for the second successful year with her Explore Art Legacy (ACS Magazin. It my honor to have been published as a visual artist on the front cover in the ACS Magazine January/February 2017 Issue. In addition, have an ACS Magazine Special Edition published for my Artist in Residency and Art Retreat in Bali at the Svarga Loka Resort.   I hereby wish the ACS Magazine, and the founder in particular, a plenty of success, a lifelong passion, creative enthusiasm and a lasting inspiring vision.  So this unique art and culture lifestyle magazine continues to attract audiences and enrich the lives of the people.

Petronilla, Hohenwarter, visual artist, Bavaria Germany

Amy's headshot.jpg

Amy Van Winkle

"I always look forward to reading the latest Explore Art Legacy (ACS Magazine). It provides a unique glimpse of the art world and artists I may have otherwise never had the honor of learning about. ACS Magazine provides a wealth of information on the global art community. I was honored to be included in one of the first issues and am grateful for the support ACS Magazine provided me and others in this creative


"  ~ Amy Van Winkle, visual artist, Santa Fe, New Mexico


Jamie Glaser

Explore Art Legacy (ACS Magazine) has been a remarkable vehicle to experience current artists, gallery spaces, and careers. As an elementary art teacher, I was invited to share a bit about my art room, in a few of the first issues of ACS Magazine. It was a thrill to share my artwork. as well as my classroom with ACS Magazine. As an art teacher, I appreciate the variety of cultural and creative perspectives that only ACS Magazine provides its readers. The articles are making the careers in the artistic fields tangible for all kids. Renee La Verne Rose highlights artists from beginner to professional. I love the magazine, and look forward to sharing it with my students again this fall.


~ Jamie Glaser, visual artist & elementary art teacher, Montgomery, Illinois


Cesar Conde

Explore Art Legacy (ACS Magazine) has given countless artists global exposure which they would otherwise not have. I am proud to have been featured in the magazine and it has helped my career tremendously. It is an honor to know Renee LaVerne Rose as she continues to break barriers in the male dominated Art World. Renee has represented artists of various backgrounds and continue to show work providing access to thousands of viewers. Bravo ACS Magazine and many more publications!

~ Cesar Conde, visual artist, Chicago, Illinois


Vinod Madhok

I am very pleased to know about Explore Art Legacy (ACS Magazine) celebrating Second Anniversary Issue. The magazine showcases a wide variety of work across different spectrum of artists promoting all forms of art from around the world. I feel privileged to have been featured among them. Exceptional quality of editorial contents with a total professional approach makes it one of the outstanding publication in the art domain. My very best wishes, Renee for you and your team for a glorious future ahead.

~ Vinod Madhok, fine art photographer, New Delhi, India


David Versluis

Hearty congratulations on celebrating the 2nd anniversary of Explore Art Legacy (ACS Magazine). ACS Magazine is a unique cultural asset that helps promote the arts by recognizing and publishing the narratives of interesting artists as well as being a strong advocate of international artistic diversity. It was encouraging to be one of the featured artists in the ACS January/February 2017 issue. ACS Magazine always showcases attractive images, which are balanced effectively with the written editorial.

~  David Versluis, artist, designer, teacher, curator, gallery director and art administrator, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Michael Schulze

Michael Schulze

Explore Art Legacy (ACS Magazine): success and perseverance. In times of the so-called "social media" the world seems to have become smaller and more manageable. What does this mean for art and artists? Art is communication and therefore the Internet and its possibilities seem to be an ideal medium of communication. For example, my website is visited monthly by about 2000 people and mostly without the fact that I get a feedback: So, an "anonymous" success! However, Renee LaVerne Rose with her internet-powered ACS magazine is very successful because, in combination with ACS Galerie and ACS-Magazine, she operates a communication based on information and direct perception of contemporary art and is therefore very effective. For the two-year anniversary of the ACS magazine, I would like to continue to wish you every success and perseverance.

~ Michael Schulze, visual artist & professor, Berlin, Germany


Pedro Igrez

Thank you Renee for all of your support and wisdom.  The opportunity to be a part of Explore Art Legacy (ACS Magazine).  It enhanced and helped to advance my career as an artist.  I made new friends and fans, developed relationships with people who were able to give me advise and direction, and I showcased my art to an audience who otherwise might never cross my path.  Congratulations on the second anniversary and wishing you many more great years! 

~ Hugs and kisses Pedro Igrez, visual artist, Chicago, Illinois


Jill McLean

Renée Laverne Rose, founder of Explore Art Legacy (ACS Magazine), is an amazing advocate of the arts worldwide. With sights set high, both she and her publication have been a sweet spot for the creative community… through support, exposure, and awareness of emerging and established artists. The magazine is rich with full page spreads that really highlight the uniqueness of each artist.

~ Jill McLean, visual artist, Chicago, Illinois


Laura Marmai

Explore Art Legacy (ACS Magazine) is a beautiful magazine that deals with art in an exhaustive way, and can communicate globally all trends and shapes. It is easy to use, easy to communicate and reaches all continents, operators, artists and friends by making various forms of art available. I hope to be able to appreciate the contents of ACS Magazine for many years, wishing ever more success. For me it was an honor and a wonderful experience to have been a guest in ACS Magazine, thank you

~ Laura Marmai visual artist, Salerno- Italy


Michael Filan

In a world that always seems to say “no” here comes Renee La Verne Rose and her Explore Art Legacy (ACS Magazine) to say “yes”.   As someone who was given the opportunity to show my current paintings in ACS Magazine, I know that when you say yes, you uplift an individual.  When you say yes it gives the magazine’s readers an opportunity to view new work art work that has not been seen anywhere else. With an attitude of inclusion ACS Magazine creates a vortex of positive spiritual energy.  Something that is so needed in this world that says no all too often. ACS Magazine is an energetic force of positive energy showing the work of artists from all walks of life and all ages. So, I say Yes to Renee and to ACS Magazine, may you continue to do the great work that you do.

~ Michael Filan, visual artist, New York, NY


Romana G. Brunnauer

“Each new issue is a surprise for me. I feel like a child getting a present, nice packed and waiting for unpack it. It is so wonderful and inspiring to learn, how other artists all around the world work, what they are thinking and what drives them.


” ~ Romana G. Brunnauer, visual artist, Lanzarote, Canary Islands

Portrait 2015.jpg

Robin Monique

I feel proud to have been selected as one of the many amazing artists to be featured in the Explore Art Legacy (ACS Magazine). There aren’t many magazines that give artists full page spreads to highlight their work and that makes this magazine special. The ACS Mmagazine is geared toward the support of artists. Giving them a unique opportunity to be seen and heard. Thank you,  ACS Magazine for this opportunity. I look forward to watching the magazine grow.

~ Robin Monique Rios, artist/mentor, Chicago, Illinois

Barbara Skiba-Poniatowski.jpg

Barbara Skiba-Poniatowski

It was a pleasure and honor to be included in Renee’s Inaugural Edition of Explore Art Legacy (ACS Magazine). Passionate about the Arts, her marvelous, in-depth articles and featured Artists are truly an inspiration to the Art world. Congratulations on celebrating your second anniversary! Wishing you dynamic success in years to come, Renee.

~ Barbara Skiba-Poniatowski, visual artist, Harvard, Illinois


Rine Boyer

I find Explore Art Legacy (ACS Magazine) to be a great resource for in-depth profiles of artists in Chicago and beyond and it has been an honor to be included in an issue.

~ Rine Boyer, visual artist, Chicago,


Sarvin Haghighi

Explore Art Legacy (ACS Magazine) is an amazing platform for both Emerging & Established artists. It has always inspiring to watch the carefully curated group of Artists represented by ACS Magazine. I was honored to be featured in one of ACS magazine issues. I would like to take this opportunity to thank ACS Magazine’s Publisher & Editor in Chief, Renée LaVerné Rose for the excellent coverage of my art and for making a very positive difference in the very challenging Art world for us artists. Her professionalism and energy is inspiring. The article surely provided more exposure to collectors and artists and have expanded my art connection community. It feels amazing to be recognized and valued and I could not be more grateful. It’s great to be part of a community where we celebrate each other success and we value the diversity we have. ACS magazine is today among the top circulating online magazines available. A hearty congratulations to you and your team on the magazine’s anniversary and hope it reaches even greater heights in the years to come. All the best and can not wait for more collaborations in near future .

~ Sarvin Haghighi, visual artist, Chicago, Illinois

Aga Gzyl headshot.JPG

Agnieszka Gzyl

“I had the honor to be featured, as an artist, in Explore Art Legacy *ACS Magazine) and I am really impressed by the intellectual and aesthetical quality of materials being published. ACS Magazine is always searching new, innovative and interesting artists all around the world featuring great and unique people. I am also impressed by ACS Magazine’s dynamic marketing activity and great posts in social media. I am sure that soon ACS Magazine would become a well known place to gain the freshest information about the art world.  ACS Magazine, you are my favorite! ~ Agnieszka Gzyl (Aga Gzyl), visual artist, Warsaw, Poland

headshot 4.jpg

Dion Strowhorn

“One of the most exciting and best things to happen for my company’s image was to be featured in ACS Magazine. It created a buzz factor in the local entertainment and arts community” 

~ Dion Strowhorn Sr., Founder/CEO of Totally Free Productions, LLC & Chi-Town Multicultural Film, Chicago, Illinois


Samantha Haring

The Explore Art  (ACS Magazine Legacy name) is a unique opportunity for artists to gain exposure with a global online audience. Over the past two years, Renee has selected a wide variety of international artists, showcasing diverse styles and engaging stories in every issue. It’s an honor to be included. 


~ Samantha Haring, visual artist, curator, & teacher, Cincinnati, Ohio

Amy Hassan Head Shot photo.jpg

Amy Hassan

First, of all, it was an honor, for my art and story to be represented in Explore Art Legacy (ACS Magazine), among so many other talented artists from all over the world!  I love how editor-in-chief Renée LaVerné Rose highlights every artist, not just locally, but worldwide.  Through ACS Magazine, the reader gets a more personal view of not only the amazing art, but, an insight to the vision and creative process of each artist.  I wish many, many more years of success to ACS Magazine.

~ Amy Hassan, visual artist, Chicago, Illinois

Calvin Coleman.jpg

Calvin Coleman

I would like to offer warm congratulations to Explore Art Legacy (ACS Magazine) on their 2nd Anniversary.  A leading informative outlet to share and give insight to the world about major artists around country, ACS Magazine has shown to be a prominent source of information to the art lover, but also to the artists themselves.  I am very proud to have been a part of this fast-growing publication as an international artist last year.  Again, all the best and many more years of success!


~ Calvin Coleman, visual artist, Baltimore, Maryland


Sophie Myrtil-Mccourty

It has been a pleasure to work with Renee. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to present several choreographers and dancers through her amazing online magazine, Explore Art Legacy (ACS Magazine). I understand that for ACS, dance is a new artistic discipline that Renee is introducing her readers to, and that in itself is so exciting! Happy second year anniversary, ACS, and big congratulations to you, Renee! May this wonderful journey continue for many, many more years!


~ Sophie Myrtil-Mccourty, Founder of Lotus Arts Management (Dance Agency) New York, NY

Sergio pic.jpg

Sergio Gomez

Explore Art Legacy (ACS Magazine) ignites the art community and art lovers alike with a wave of creative freshness. By featuring interviews, resources, multi-media, articles and reports from around the world, ACS Magazine gives a forum to local and international visual and performing artists to tell their stories and share their creative vision. ACS Magazine enriches our cultural experience and opens new doors for the reader to discover creative minds.

~ Sergio Gomez, Artist, Curator, Creative Entrepreneur, Miami, Florida

Yaninia pic.jpg

Dr. Yanina Gomez

"Art has the power to question, challenge, awaken, evoke and heal the human soul. Explore Art Legacy (ACS Magazine) not only recognizes the influence of art but also values the uniqueness of each artist featured in the magazine. For the past two years, the magazine has been dedicated to promoting and making art reachable to people from all walks of lifes. It has also been instrumental in introducing worldwide artists and cultural initiatives to its readers. ACS Magazine, thank you for your commitment to artistic creativity and culture. Happy 2-year anniversary!"  

~ Dr. Yanina Gomez, Co-Founder & Mindset/Emotional Wellness Expert

© Copyright Explore Art/Explore Art Project/Exploring Culture

Carmen Chami

I would like to take this time to express my thanks to Explore Art Legacy (ACS Magazine) for promoting my artwork in her amazing publication. I have just a couple years since I arrived to Chicago and this was a great opportunity to be more visible and meet others great artists. ACS Magazine is the type of magazine that you keep (and share) because the articles are a great example of contemporary art practices.

~ Carmen Chami, visual artist (narrative portraiture), Chicago, Illinois


Yvonne Beckway

I had the honor and joy of being featured in Explore Art Legacy ( ACS Magazine) earlier this year. I was looking forward to seeing the magazine and feature. When it appeared I was totally blown away by the “top notch” quality and beauty of the feature and the publication. It was a very generous showing of work with a terrific in-depth interview. As I viewed the other artists in the magazine I was very impressed as well as intrigued and informed. Gorgeous and well written!! Congratulations on all your hard work Renee!! Between your gallery in Chicago and this beautiful publication you are a champion to artists in the art world!!! Thank you and wishing you continued and ever increasing success!!!


~ Yvonne Beckway, visual artist, Midwest, USA

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