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Help us meet our goal  - $2,500

We’re raising money to make a difference in the arts and cultural media coverage.

Media Coverage Decline

The desolation of America's news landscape continues to deepen as the closures of newspapers escalate. In 2023, the closure rate surged to an average of 2.5 per week, up from two per week the previous year, as revealed by a study from Northwestern University. This alarming trend mirrors the deteriorating advertising environment. By the end of the following year, the nation is projected to have lost a third of its newspapers since 2005. Shockingly, over half of all U.S. counties now lack adequate local news coverage, with either one or no local news outlets.

Impact on the Arts and Culture

This decline has had a profound impact on arts and culture reporting, which has seen a significant deterioration. Only major news conglomerates can afford to allocate part-time resources to arts and entertainment coverage, leaving smaller outlets unable to do so due to resource constraints. Consequently, millions of artists find themselves without a platform to showcase their creative endeavors.

Explore Art Makes a Difference

Explore Art FREE digital magazine marks a crucial step in filling the void in media coverage for the artist demographic that has been overlooked. This burgeoning digital platform aims to bridge the gap by offering comprehensive and continuous coverage of arts and cultural content through its social media and website platforms. Explore Art stands as an ambitious and illuminating collection of digital magazines, dedicated to documenting and celebrating the rich tapestry of arts and culture on a global scale.

Why Sponsor Explore Art?

Your sponsorship would be pivotal in facilitating media coverage for arts and culture, breaking down barriers to access and ensuring inclusivity for all creative talent.

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Renée L. Rose | Founder
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Be a Sponsorship Friend

Help us meet our goal  - raise $2,500

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