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Our Culture

Explore Art is an ambitious and illuminating digital magazine that endeavors to document and celebrate the rich tapestry of arts and culture from every corner of the globe. This comprehensive initiative seeks to create a virtual compendium, capturing the diverse and vibrant expressions of human creativity that define our world.

The Explore Art project's primary objective is to bridge cultural divides and foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for the myriad ways in which communities express their identity, stories, and traditions through various artistic mediums. From the intricate dances of indigenous tribes to the contemporary urban art scenes in bustling metropolises, Explore Art aims to be an unparalleled repository of global art and cultural heritage.

Explore Art is a celebration of the artistic and cultural diversity that makes our world extraordinary. By bringing the arts and cultures of the world to a global audience, we hope to inspire a sense of interconnectedness and mutual respect, fostering a world where the beauty of each unique expression contributes to the collective masterpiece of humanity.


Explore Art's vision is presented through a collection of digital magazines (Explore Art Magazine and Exploring Culture Magazine) and curated immersive solo/group exhibitions.  

Explore Art’s concept was conceived in September 2015 and encourages contributions from creative talent and cultural heritage worldwide, fostering a collaborative platform where readers can view artistic/cultural experiences and discoveries. This digital interactive platform aims to create a living and evolving cultural archive.

Our Culture

With its mesmerizing visuals and immersive narratives, Explore Art provides a remarkable avenue to delve into the world's exceptional art and culture, fostering an enhanced sense of empathy. This digital platform not only presents an opportunity for individuals to uncover and comprehend diverse cultures on a global scale but also facilitates the exploration of communities worldwide. Through our enriching digital platform, Explore Art delivers valuable educational content on various cultures, perspectives, and environments, fostering meaningful discourse and promoting tolerance. The universal language of arts and cultural experiences has the power to transcend historical conflicts, initiate healing processes, and usher in an era of hope and revitalization. Our goal is to construct bridges that span the divides within our nation and across the globe, mitigating the isolation that often hampers people's humanity, productivity, and overall well-being.

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