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Reflections Solo Exhibition
works by Jahnae Wyatt

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Jahnae Wyatt is a fine art painter and draftsman based in Boston. She has been admiring classical art since she was a child, and this inspired her to pursue a career in the arts. Jahnae graduated from Lesley University College of Art and Design in May 2023 Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Jahnae learned new painting and drawing techniques that differed from the traditional and classical styles she admired. These new techniques allowed her to express her own unique artistic vision, and she has since developed a reputation for her innovative and thought-provoking work.


Her content has themes that challenge the American western ideals of beauty and the perception of femininity commonly represented. She paints her own experiences with daily rituals of haircare practices, embraces herself with her pets, or studies her face and body with her selfies from her phone. Outside of making art, she enjoys playing survival and simulation games on her Xbox, watching natural haircare videos online, and roller skating.


Jahnae has always been fascinated with classical art, and she thought that art school would allow her to study the same subjects as the old masters. Jahnae was excited to draw and paint models, and she had many books about classical art. However, she realized that many of the classical artists she admired did not represent black people in their work. Jahnae believes that it is important for all artists to be represented in classical art. Black people have made significant contributions to art throughout history, and their stories should be told. Jahnae hopes that future generations of artists will be inspired by a more diverse range of classical art.

Explore Art conversation with Jahne Wyatt

from Explore Art Magazine Jahnae Wyatt August 2023 issue 

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Love Letter to Myself  Oil on Canvas (unstretched) | 60 x 65 in  $30,000 by Jahnae Wyatt

Love Letter to Myself 
Oil on Canvas (unstretched) | 60 x 65 in

by Jahnae Wyatt

Kitty Committee 
Oil on Canvas | 30 x 24 in

by Jahnae Wyatt

Midnight and Me 
Oil on Canvas (unstretched) | 70 x 65.5 in

by Jahnae Wyatt

Untitled | Oil on Canvas | 30 x 24 in 

by Jahnae Wyatt

Carried Away | Oil on Canvas | 42.5 x 36 in

by Jahnae Wyatt

Carried On | Oil on Canvas | 30 x 40 in

by Jahnae Wyatt

Senior Wyatt | Oil on Canvas | 20 x 20 in  

by Jahnae Wyatt

Jahnae Wyatt's works Oil on Black Canvas Paper | 7.5 x 6 in | $75

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