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Cultural Diversity Solo Exhibition
artwork by Helene Ruiz (Home Series)


Helene Ruiz Biography

Helene Ruiz, born in New York City, is a lifelong artist with a profound passion for drawing and painting. Influenced by her father, an artist himself, she began honing her creative skills from an early age. With a strong foundation in art, Helene has showcased her works in numerous national and international exhibitions, establishing herself as an artist.

In October 2008, Helene Ruiz spearheaded the formation of the Urban Individualists, a collective of visual and performing artists. As the driving force behind this multicultural, multi-media and international network, Ms. Ruiz worked diligently to unite diverse talents into a cohesive unit. The Urban Individualists firmly believe in the power of collective expression, leveraging their distinct styles to make an impactful artistic statement. Through her leadership, Helene has curated and organized a multitude of multimedia exhibits, providing emerging artists with a platform to showcase their work, build their artistic resumes, and gain recognition.

Over the years, Helene has received recognition for her contributions to the arts. In 2007, she was honored with a grant from The Wheeler Foundation, followed by an artists' grant from the Salmagundi Foundation in Brooklyn, NY, in 2009. In 2011, The Disciples of Humanity acknowledged Helene's outstanding work in enriching various communities with culture, education, and art.

Ms. Ruiz's artistic journey has also been documented in various magazines and newspaper articles. Notably, she was featured in Pink Panther Magazine for Women's History Month in March 2017. Additionally, she co-curated an international women's exquisite corpse special feature in September 2017 for Pink Panther Magazine, collaborating with esteemed artists Madalena Laboa-Tello and Jenifer De Bellis.


Currently residing in Mechanicsville, Virginia, Helene Ruiz continues to create captivating art from her apartment studio.

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Artist Statement:

Art is my unwavering passion, serving as my religion and personal salvation. It embodies my means of survival and coping. Each stroke of my brush captures the essence of my emotions and experiences, transcending the boundaries of reality. While many perceive my works as "surreal," they truly reflect my personal "reality," serving as a profound expression and interpretation of my life and the world around me. There is no definitive interpretation of my art; instead, it seeks to resonate within each individual viewer, evoking a unique connection to their own soul, life, and experiences. Painting is the very essence of my existence, an integral part of my being. It grants me unparalleled freedom of expression, allowing me to articulate sentiments that words often fail to convey. Each of my artworks holds countless narratives, and I am eager to hear how they intertwine with your own stories.

Cultural Diversity Solo Exhibition with artwork by Helene Ruiz (Home Series)

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